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Jody Felton, Divinia Jithoo and Stephanie van Heerden: Why so few? A comparative study on student awareness of study abroad opportunities.
Michael Cosser: Higher Education in BRICS: Balancing Quality and Inequality
Euzobia Mugisha Baine: THe myth and reality of academic self governance in universities: Lessons from Makarere University Curriculum View 2010 - 2015
Anna Lindahl: The road not taken: The role of Higher Education in bridging the gap between students own world and that of global competence.
Berit Simonsen: Teaching International Students at UCN: An analysis of how lecturers achieve agency (or not) in the international classroom
Sebastian Raneskold: Marketing Automation: Supporting the international student recruitment strategy at Flinders University.
Euzobia Baine: Optimizing teaching and research in the environment of the increased and diverse demand for graduate education.
Werner de Wit and Alecia Erasmus: Multicultural Mixing Bowl: Promoting Intercultural Communication at Stellenbosch Universuty
Lester Shawa: The need for Internationalising Curricula in South African Higher Education.
Oliver Seale: Building Global Partnerships for effective Governance, Leadership and Management in South African Universities
Samia Chasi and Felix Maringe: Are we Reigning in a new era of North-South partnerships in Higher Education?
Esther Masarira, Joao Lazaro and Amalia Diekie: Higher Education Internationalisation for Peace and Reconciliation: The case of The Catholic University of Mozambique
Tanja Miller and Anne Zakaria: Re-discovering the international students experience of studying at UCN, Denmark.
Bradley Rink: Understanding international inequalities through a new paradigm: Mobility, Moorings, Frictions and Fixity
Sonja Knutson: Indiginisation and internationalisation as transformative drivers of International Education
Thijs van Vugt and Sebastian Raneskold: Student Recruitment in the Digital Age
Par Svensson: Africa Strategy at Lund University
Susanne Taylor and Michael Cross: Understanding the legislation: A Golden Key for Higher Education Work integrated learning coordination with special focus on the international student.
Philina Wittke: THe integration of refugees into the German university landscape.
Philina Wittke: The integration of refugees into the German university ilandscape.

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